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Born into a world of words

My parents gifted me books and journals on every occasion. Whether writing poetry, songs, essays, short-stories, or just filling up all the journals with ideas, I've always felt at home when immersed in literature and language. While I'm a strong writer, it's my truest passion on this planet to collaborate with people to bring their stories to life and their projects to fruition. 

I graduated from New York University with a degree in English and a minor in Philosophy. I worked at The Overlook Press under the once CEO of Penguin, Peter Mayer, and then at Random House working on e-book production. After moving to Los Angeles, I started my own literary press on Kickstarter which ran for 5 years. In my time as editor-in-chief, I worked with over 1,200 writers and artists to publish over 1,500 stories and 11 books. 

As an editor and producer at Melcher Media in New York City, I was lucky enough to be lead editor and project manager on their biggest projects, everyone from Al Gore and Neil Patrick Harris to Netflix and Apple. My experience at Melcher equipped me to handle highly complex projects with various stakeholders, and on rushed schedules. 

Having recently chosen the freelance life of freedom and self-direction, I work with clients all over the world helping them write, edit, and publish any number of book and media projects. 

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It’s hard to find good non-fiction book readers, and even harder to find ones that don’t just heap praise (which is not so helpful in the editing stage). Josh’s comments were spot on, he was responsive, communicative, and finished the project on the schedule he promised.
I was impressed with Josh’s approach to editing and how he handled me. Having work corrected after having invested so much time and energy can be traumatic, but Josh’s suggestions were both accurate and pitch-perfect. Everything he did made the work better, and when he was not absolutely sure, he pointed that out, as well. It was a great experience with editing.

Perhaps more than anything else, Josh demonstrated an emotional connection to the work – I felt that we were collaborating. I highly recommend Josh, and will work with him again.
Josh provided an exceptional editing experience. He went far beyond my initial request by providing additional resources and citations. His skills are excellent. What I appreciated most was his clear feedback and professional opinion. Josh is very approachable, has a great sense of humour and is really patient. I’m absolutely thrilled with my experience.
Josh is an incredible editor. Super responsive, quick, and easy to work with. I would hire him again in a second. He has my highest recommendation.



I'll work tirelessly to help you make your story the best it can be. Whether a memoir, an article, experimental poetry, or a philosophical treatise, it's my job to help you attain clarity while retaining your personality and idiosyncratic writing style.