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CLIENTS & Collaborators :

Former US Vice President Al Gore
Former NY Senator Whitney North Seymour Jr. 
Neil Patrick Harris
Garth Brooks
Hachette Books
Rodale Books
+ more


I graduated from New York University with a degree in English and Philosophy. After a short stint at Random House Books (Knopf/Vintage), I started my own literary magazine and publisher which ran for 5+ years. We published over 800 writers, 600 artists, and 25 books. 

I worked as an Editor & Producer at Melcher Media in New York City working on complex, high-quality, and fast-paced media tie-in books for some of the world's biggest brands.  

I was put on this planet to edit. I would love nothing more than to dive into your story, article, or manuscript, and help you bring it to fruition.